Having pioneered our unique approach to online grocery shopping, we believe we are well placed to deliver significant financial returns for our investors. Key considerations for investors include the following:

"Commercialising intellectual property offers significant value creation in the UK and internationally. "

Significant market opportunity – enormous global grocery market

Largest dedicated online grocery supermarket in the world

Unique operating model with structural advantages over traditional retail models

Considerable operational leverage with margin potential

Uniquely positioned to benefit from the next “channel shift” – incumbents face considerable challenges

Proprietary intellectual property platform developed over 13 years of investment has created significant barriers to entry

Operating model supports a virtuous cycle of growth, technology led investment and improved returns

Commercialising intellectual property offers significant value creation opportunities in the UK and internationally

Superior customer offer in online grocery retailing delivering the highest industry service levels, wider choice and competitive prices for customers

Proven management team driving continued growth and value creation